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Mike Mozart/Flickr

Much ado has been made about McDonald's turnaround plan, but it's not just about all-day breakfast: Another part of the McNugget slinger's proposed success strategy includes closing underperforming stores.

According to Buzzfeed News, McDonald's closed 154 U.S. stores in 2015 and opened just 63 new ones, for a net loss of 91 stores. Of course, with a total of 14,259 domestic locations, that's really just a drop in the bucket — but Buzzfeed notes that the U.S. market, which is still McDonald's largest with nearly 40 percent of its locations, was the only one to see a net loss in locations last year.

And the closures will continue into 2016: This year, McDonald's will shutter 500 more locations as it opens around 1,000 new ones, says Buzzfeed, though it's not clear how many of those openings and closings will be in the U.S. Despite store closures, the company is still making moves to expand its business in China, with plans to launch 150 customized burger kiosks there this year.

Meanwhile, despite its recent food safety troubles, burrito chain Chipotle says it's soldiering ahead with expansion plans and will continue to open new stores in 2016.