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This Poor Guy Is Receiving Texts From Hundreds of Chipotle Fans Looking for Free Burritos

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Don't add any extra numbers to Chipotle's custom line.

Henry Levine/Twitter

Chipotle temporarily closed all locations Monday to brief employees on its new food safety measures. In an effort to pay back any customers who might have stopped by for lunch, only to find locked doors, the chain offered a free-burrito deal to anyone who texted "raincheck" to 888-222. It was a good move for a company that's been facing a PR nightmare in recent months.

Unfortunately for Chipotle, and as with so many other stories regarding the chain recently, there was a hitch. Some — many, actually — people in the Washington, D.C., area accidentally have been adding an extra 2 to that number, reports Tech Insider, which means innocent bystander Henry Levine is being inundated with burrito requests.

No good deed goes unpunished, does it, Chipotle? Levine was minding his own business Monday when he began receiving the texts. He reportedly has been kind enough to let confused texters know they've connected with an attorney, not a burrito chain. But, Tech Insider notes some people haven't taken that news too kindly.

Levine's daughter-in-law Dorry first made the miscommunication known on Twitter. After some back and forth with a Chipotle rep, it seems the chain isn't too concerned with the hundreds of people who might be missing out on their free burritos.

In fairness to the chain, it isn't asking a lot for someone to simply text "raincheck" to the correct number. Hank Levine told Tech Insider his case could be the tip of the iceberg.

"In theory, every area code could have an 888-2222 [number] in it, so I'm only getting a limited number [of texts]," Levine said. "There could be another 200 Hank Levine's out there getting these texts instead of Chipotle."