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Drinking Wine From an Upside Down Glass Does Not Reverse Its Calories or Alcohol Content

But it does make for a cool party trick.

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There's a new wine glass that will leave your friends a bit confused — and leave you looking like the Houdini of vino — at your next dinner party. While at first glance this appears to be regular stemware, it isn't until you pour a glass of your favorite varietal that the magic happens. Unlike regular glasses, rather than drinking from the top, this upside wine glass is designed to be sipped from the base without spilling a drop.

It might not be the best way to open up the layers of a perfectly aged Bordeaux, but the glass's tricky design makes wine appear to be floating inside, resulting in a rather impressive party trick. Created by British gadget shop RED5, it can be yours for $10.02. Tip: Wait for your drinking buddies to get a couple of glasses deep before busting out the novelty item, increasing your chances of making them think they've had more than a few too many.