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KFC's Colonel Sanders has a hard job. So hard in fact that in the past year three comedians have landed the gig to play Sanders and, weeks later, have been replaced. It's all KFC's doing of course. In the third installment of the company's Colonel ad campaign (in which they swap out the Colonels as a sort of media stunt), the fried chicken giant plopped down real cash to purchase airtime for a Super Bowl ad in order to introduce its newest Colonel. Yesterday afternoon everyone's favorite food-loving comic Jim Gaffigan was ushered in as the reigning Colonel — but not without a nightmarish start. In the ad, Gaffigan dreams the former Colonel, longtime SNL star Norm Macdonald, had stolen his identity. (The most recent modern day Colonel, played by actor Darrell Hammond is not mentioned.) Gaffigan wakes up with a start and, of course, comforts his unsettled feelings with KFC's new Nashville hot chicken. In a follow-up ad, Gaffigan has a nightmare about Nashville hot chicken and, later, reveals why he fell in love with his wife (because she looks like a chicken, of course).

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