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Eating the Entire Ocean at The Boiling Crab

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From king crab legs to chicken fingers

Eater LA Senior Editor Farley Elliott is back with another episode of Eat the Menu, where he lives every indecisive diner’s dream by ordering everything of interest on a restaurant's menu — no difficult decision-making required.

Today Elliott visits The Boiling Crab, where the seafood, albeit delicious and fresh, is just the beginning. Founded in Southern California in 2004 by a husband and wife team from Seadrift, Texas, The Boiling Crab is now serving up its serious haul of baked, boiled, and fried food across multiple states. Watch for Elliott's take on the ins and outs of the restaurant's lengthy menu, from whole crawfish to fried oysters to king crab legs with spicy dipping sauce and even chicken tenders. It's a veritable ocean of options, and Elliott has the scoop on what choices are worth your while. Click the above video to watch.

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