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Hungry Sea Lion Evicted From San Diego Restaurant by Rude SeaWorld Employees

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The sea lion pup was simply looking for a nice meal.

Bernard Guillas/Facebook

A sea lion pup was forced to deal with some awful service when it was kicked out of a San Diego restaurant before it had a chance to order anything to eat. The pub had been patiently waiting to order in the restaurant all night, according to Reuters, but instead was greeted by SeaWorld employees who removed it from the premises.

The 20-pound pub was found sleeping in a booth Thursday morning at The Marine Room, reports NBC 4. Employees called rescuers at who took to pup to SeaWorld's Animal Rescue Center, but not before The Marine Room executive chef Bernard Guillas snapped a few photos of the adorable mammal.

We found This little guy in the The Marine Room restaurant this morning he was a little bit early for his high tide breakfast reservation❤as it is this weekend on Sunday and Monday

Posted by Bernard Guillas on Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rescuers determined the pup was malnourished and dehydrated, according to NBC 4, which would explain why it was hanging around a restaurant. Even though they rudely refused to allow the pup to dine at The Marine Room, they were kind enough to feed and shelter it. Jody Westberg, a member of the rescue team, told the TV station recent weather trends have been forcing sea lion pups to seek shelter.

"Southern California, and specifically San Diego County, has been having very high tides and very low tides, and also a lot of stormy weather," Westberg said. "These pups are looking for high ground and warm areas for the night," she said. "Not only are they looking for high ground — they're also searching for food."

Judging by the pup's behavior in the below Reuters video, it's probably making plans to leave a scathing Yelp review for The Marine Room. No doubt, this pup is on the side of those who prefer to keep traditional restaurant tipping in place as a way to punish such awful service.

The Marine Room

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