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How Much Beer Will Be Consumed During the Super Bowl?; Guy Fieri as a Frat Boy

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Five things to know today.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

T-minus two days till the national spectacle that is the Super Bowl. If the idea of a Coldplay halftime show doesn't titillate you, perhaps the promised lineup of commercials will: Expect an ad for "the world's strongest coffee" (aptly named Death Wish), a super-creepy Mountain Dew ad featuring a puppy/monkey/baby hybrid, a pointed drunk driving PSA by Dame Helen Mirren, and a new Bud Light campaign that will attempt to pander to the female beer-drinking demographic.

In today's vital food news: A Super Bowl beer statistic currently making the rounds is decidedly false, chef Danny Bowien hit Charlie Rose last night, some kid built a KFC vending machine out of Legos, and perhaps most importantly, photographic evidence of Guy Fieri's one-time mullet.

— Americans consume an insane quantity of chicken wings each Super Bowl Sunday, and naturally we need a whole lot of beer to wash those suckers down. A statistic attributed to the Stevens Institute of Technology that's been cited by numerous publications claims that Americans will consume 325 million gallons of beer this Sunday, but don't believe the hype: That would mean every man, woman, and child in the nation would have to guzzle more than a gallon each (though some enthusiastic sports fans will surely try).

— Would you like to see what Guy "I'd eat that on a flip-flop" Fieri looked like as a frat bro? Duh. Behold the sweet mini-mullet that eventually transformed into the spiky platinum crown you know and loathe today.

— Mission Chinese superstar chef Danny Bowien was on PBS's Charlie Rose last night, discussing everything from his new cookbook to his two-year-old son. In this brief clip, Bowien — who is Korean by birth and was raised by adoptive parents in Oklahoma — talks about the difference between real Chinese food and American Chinese food:

— Teenagers these days may have a reputation for being lazy, good-for-nothing Snapchat addicts, but one enterprising young lad put his budding brain to good work by constructing a working KFC vending machine entirely out of Legos. Behold:

— Is there a food world celebrity with more terrifyingly dedicated fans than Joe Bastianich? Here's the latest in eyebrow-raising art from devotees of the Eataly co-founder/former Masterchef host: