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How to Make Chewy (Gluten-Free) Cookies

Gluten-free baked goods don't have to be hard as rock

Want to surprise your significant other with a homemade dessert for Valentine’s Day, but can’t find anything that suits their gluten-free diet? Our friends at Seattle’s ChefSteps are here to help, with a recipe for gluten free chocolate chip cookies that ditch the wheat but don’t scrimp on chewiness or flavor.

The secret ingredient? Cream cheese. As ChefSteps founder Grant Lee Crilly explains, substituting cream cheese for some of the butter in a cookie recipe adds back the elasticity you miss by removing gluten. Xanthan and locust bean gums, ingredients in cream cheese, act as gelling agents to help your dough achieve the ideal chewy cookie structure.

A swap of oat flour for all-purpose and using egg yolks instead of whole eggs are the final two updates that make these the perfect gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. Watch the video above for a walk-through from Crilly; click here to see the recipe in full, and use it to sweep your gluten-free honey off their feet this V-Day.

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