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Chef Throws Temper Tantrum, Threatens to Stab Server Over Botched Order

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Is a simple mix-up worth a stabbing?


Restaurant kitchens are high-stress environments, and no doubt plenty of chefs have thought about stabbing front-of-house staff for screwing up an order. But they can't actually act on that urge, which is what one Colorado chef did on Tuesday. Robert Carbondale of the Lynn Britt Cabin restaurant was arrested for threatening to stab a server who delivered food to the wrong table, reports the Aspen Times.

When McConnell learned of the mix-up, he pitched a first-class temper tantrum. He "threw some plates of food into the dishwashing station and started yelling at [the server]," according to the police report. McConnell then stepped toward the server, "puffing out his chest," and held up a knife at about shoulder height, declaring, "I'll f---ing stab you." The server was scared he was going to be stabbed, according to the report, which makes sense since that's exactly what McConnell said he was going to do.

Police eventually responded and arrested the 32-year-old chef. What's odd is that the incident occurred around 2:15 p.m — there couldn't have been much of a lunch rush to elevate McConnell's stress level. He was charged with felony menacing with a deadly weapon.

Restaurant disputes become blown out of proportion too often, and it's not all that uncommon for violence to be the end result. Last year, a Florida cook stabbed and killed one of his co-workers following an argument over gumbo spices.