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Watch a Competitive Eating Champ Explain His Stomach-Pummeling Profession

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Just look how many hot dogs he can fit in his mouth at one time.

What's it like to make your living by cramming dozens of hot dogs in your face as quickly as possible? That's exactly what Matt Stonie does to earn a living. As Stonie reveals in this Esquire video, he's been eating competitively since he was 19 years old and currently holds a dozen world records for stuffing himself silly with everything from gyros to Twinkies. Stonie fell into the world of professional gluttony by accident, but nowadays he can put away 84 slices of pie in eight minutes. Last year he crushed 62 hot dogs in just 10 minutes, snatching the record away from Joey Chestnut for the first time in a decade. While the life of a competitive eater doesn't exactly sound glamorous, nonetheless, there's Stonie doing a photo shoot in a bathtub full of spaghetti.