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Apple Pay Will Soon Be Adopted by Chick-fil-A and Au Bon Pain

But will people use it?

Duane Prokop/Getty Images

More chain restaurants are joining the ranks of Apple Pay-accepting businesses: Chick-fil-A and Au Bon Pain are the latest additions to the list, according to Bloomberg. There are now 2 million locations accepting Apple Pay across the country, with Starbucks, KFC, and Chili's all set to implement it this year.

Subway, McDonald's and Panera were early adopters of the mobile payment service, which stores credit card information on a user's iPhone, allowing them to tap the device to a special card reader to pay for a meal.

However, there is some concern over whether iPhone users will adopt the technology along with these businesses. A survey from Pymnts and InfoScout said that in October, only 16.6 percent of those with newer iPhones had used Apple Pay — up from 9 percent in November 2014, but nowhere near as many as Apple is probably hoping would use the tech. A majority of people in the survey said they were either happy with their usual method of payment, or they didn't understand how Apple Pay worked.

Still, the technology required to accept Apple Pay does not have to be Apple-provided, as previously reported, making it easier for restaurants and merchants to implement the new system. But Apple Pay certainly isn't the only mobile payments system available for restaurants: Much like the food delivery sphere, the mobile payments sector seems to get more crowded by the day. Players like OpenTable and Cover are focused on making it faster and easier for diners at full-service restaurants to pay their tabs.