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The Cuddliest Sous Chef of All Time Is a Fluffy Cat Named Kohaku

A feline in Japan gets a bird's eye view of omelette-making.

A furry orange feline in Japan is the fluffiest sous chef of all time, standing by while his owner and head chef, Jun Yoshizuki, cooks up omurice, a Japanese omelette served over rice.

This is not your standard YouTube cooking video: It begins with Kohaku hitching a breezy ride to the supermarket in Yoshizuki's bike basket, where he picks up the necessary ingredients. Then it's back to the kitchen for slicing, dicing, and sauteeing, as Kohaku keeps a watchful eye from his perch atop the refrigerator and even sniffs a few ingredients. But perhaps Kohaku noticed that Yoshizuki never washed his hands, because when it comes time to eat, the choosy cat turns up his nose at his owner's culinary creation.

It's not just omelettes that Yoshizuki makes with the help of his little orange friend: The amateur chef also creates culinary masterpieces like these shockingly realistic koi fish sushi and this savory okonomiyaki.