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It's the end of an era: First Subway ditched its mascot-turned-monster Jared Fogle, and now the world's biggest restaurant chain has axed its five-dollar foot-long sandwiches.

The company took to Twitter with its subtle attempt at announcing the price hike news. Interestingly, they dubbed their new $6 foot-long offering "Sub-mageddon," which may or may not be the feeling of dread that washes over people when they realize their go-to weekday lunch just got 20 percent more expensive.

Unsurprisingly, the announcement was met with curiosity (and some disdain) from fans, but the company defended its decision by citing rising supply costs:

In brighter news, at least we'll no longer be tortured with that damn jingle. The $5 foot-long has been a recurring promotion for the sandwich chain since 2007, and is typically offered for the entire month of February. But its bargain price didn't win everyone over: In 2013 Subway was hit with a class-action lawsuit from angry customers who were served sandwiches measuring only 11 inches; as a result, the company pledged to measure all its subs to ensure their proper foot-long status.

As Subway jacks up the price on their most famous sandwich offering, other fast food chains are fighting for budget-conscious diners' business by launching new value meal deals — meaning nutritional concerns aside, you can now get six orders of McDonald's mozzarella sticks for the price of one Subway sandwich, or a five-item combo at Burger King for 50 percent less.

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