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Dominique Ansel's Heart Eyes Emoji Sweet Bread Will Melt Your Frigid Heart

Sadly, it's only available in Japan.

Dominique Ansel Japan/Facebook

Cronut creator and all around pastry genius Dominique Ansel has done it again: The new queue-worthy, must-taste pastry is a melonpan shaped like a heart-eyes emoji. What's a melonpan? Similar to a Mexican concha, it's a sweet, brioche-like bun that, prior to baking, is covered with a thin sheet of cookie-like dough. This cookie dough can take on any form or shape, but is often scored or otherwise decorated. At Dominique Ansel Japan, the pastry chefs have gone one step further to decorate melonpans flavored with almonds and rose to look like the heart eyes emoji, or basically the best emoji ever designed. Cookies decorated to look like emojis are almost passé at this point, but small breakfast buns with blushing cheeks? Where's the queue?

Of course, Ansel didn't stop there. There's also a penguin-shaped marshmallow for all of your essential hot chocolate needs. He has heart eyes, and do note that he comes with his own life preserver.

[Photo: Dominique Ansel Japan]

[Photo: Dominique Ansel Japan]