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A Visit to Los Angeles' Q Sushi with Elijah Wood

Bonus: where to find the only good salt in Japan

Elijah Wood is not shy about his love of food. The actor, who splits his time between Los Angeles and Austin, is keen on breakfast tacos, researching restaurants, and taking pictures of what he eats. So it comes as no surprise that he is also a fan of the sushi video series from Eater, hosted by drinks editor and sushi aficionado Kat Odell.

Odell's sushi videos have showcased meals prepared by some of the most renown sushi masters in America — from Masa to Daisuke Nakazawa to David Boudana — and Odell had her sights set on Los Angeles’ Q Sushi as her next conquest when Wood reached out. Naturally, she invited him to come along.

Q is known as one of LA’s top omakase bars, thanks to Chef Hiroyuki Naruke’s use of Edomae-style: simple preparations of fish — often preserved or fermented — over vinegared rice, a pairing that dates back to the Edo period in Japanese history. The result is meal built on tradition, and full of lessons for both Odell and Wood to take away.

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