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Starbucks Is Headed to Italy; London's First Dessert-Only Restaurant

Five things to know today

Espresso at a coffee bar in Milan, Italy.
Espresso at a coffee bar in Milan, Italy.

The Oscars were last night and yes, yes Leo won, and also it was "so white" — except for all of those boxes of Girl Scout cookies which were mostly green. In unrelated but also green news, Starbucks is opening a location in Italy for the first time ever. Other things to know right now: why teen chef Flynn McGarry popped up in a Cadillac commercial during the Oscars; a small update on the forthcoming Yelp documentary; a grocery store with virtually no employees opened in Sweden; and all about London's new dessert-only restaurant.

— Starbucks announced late yesterday it was finally, finally opening a location in Italy. That's right, for the past several decades Starbucks has been afraid to open in Italy because of the nation's strong and proud coffee culture. CEO Howard Schultz said in a release that the company was going to try with "great humility and respect" to bring the Starbucks experience to a nation of espresso drinkers. "We're not coming here to teach Italians to make coffee —€” nothing like that at all," Schultz told the Times. The company does not want to be perceived as a threat to local coffee bars. "We have to earn the respect."

— There is now a restaurant that serves only dessert in London. I repeat: There is now a restaurant that serves only dessert in London. This, of course, is not the first restaurant to serve dessert only, but it is the first in London. According to the Evening Standard, it's at the Cafe at Hotel Cafe Royal and run by pastry chef Sarah Barber. Diners can pick from multi-course menus that Barber says were inspired by "childhood memories."

— The forthcoming Yelp documentary, which is supposed to be critical of the company and its CEO, may be released as early as later this year. It's safe to say the fired Yelp employee who made headlines earlier this month will make it into the film.

— Pop-up wunderkind Flynn McGarry is barely old enough to have a driver's license, but the young chef was featured in a new ad for Cadillac yesterday during the Oscars. The campaign, called "Don't You Dare," seems to be about not letting society's preconceived notions get in the way of one's dreams. No part of this appears related to cars, but watching a chef use tweezers to put micro herbs on a plate looks cool, I guess?

— Those self-checkout lanes in grocery stores are so 2015; this year, Sweden debuted a grocery store that requires only that patrons carry around a smartphone in order to unlock the store's front door and scan each item they plan to carry out. They are billed once a month for their purchases. Now if only there was some service that would also deliver those groceries...