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Watch: Stocking a Gigantic Cruise Ship Requires an Insane Amount of Food and Alcohol

Not to mention 5,400 lobster tails.

As anyone who's ever been on a cruise will tell you, there's really not much to do while you're trapped on board a big-ass ship in the middle of the ocean besides eat a ton of food. (Okay, there's also playing shuffleboard.) That means said ships must be stocked with a whole lot of provisions before they set sail. This video from the Associated Press shows exactly what it takes to get a cruise ship — in this case, the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas, which is one of the largest ships in the world — ready to hit the open seas.

Stocking the ship with all the necessary items to sustain 2,200 crew members and 6,100 passengers takes a total of 10 hours and a lot of hustling. After loading all the luggage and sending it up to the 2,700 staterooms, a battalion of trucks arrive to offload everything the ship will need for its voyage, including: nearly 2,000 pounds of coffee; more than 50,000 bottles of soda, beer, and other alcoholic beverages; 5,400 lobster tails; and more than 45,000 eggs.