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Spain may have just produced a new candidate for the world's dumbest criminal: A thief who burglarized a tapas bar led the police right to his home with a trail of pork fat, reports Spain's The Local.

A trail of pork fat marked the ground where the thief had dragged the ham off.

Tapas bar owner Domingo Infante showed up to work on Monday morning and was dismayed to find his restaurant had been burglarized; the thief had made off with not only the cash register and a TV, but also seven legs of prized Iberico ham. Infante called the police to report the break-in, but in the meantime his wife and mother-in-law spotted something peculiar: A trail of pork fat marking the ground where the thief had dragged the legs of ham off.

The amateur detectives followed the porky path to a house behind the bar; police soon arrived on the scene and obtained a search warrant. Inside they found two of the stolen jamons, the TV, and the (empty) cash register; the remaining hams haven't yet been recovered, but are thought to be in the hands of the thief's accomplices. "I’ve never imagined my wife and mother-in-law would turn out to be the detectives who solved this," Infante said. "There were traces of fat everywhere, on the pavement outside the property, the stairs and even the front door."

Hapless thieves leaving a pathway of pilfered foodstuffs isn't a phenomenon relegated to Spain, either: Last year in Iowa, a man who robbed a convenience store was arrested after police followed a trail of snacks he'd left behind; and in upstate New York, cops tracked down a pair of restaurant burglars after they left macaroni salad in their wake.