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Khachapuri Is the Georgian Cheese Bread You Should Be Eating Now

All the eggs, cheese, and bread you could want

In the nation of Georgia, one dish is such a staple of the cuisine that its price is used to track inflation from region to region. It's called khachapuri, and it is an eggy, cheesy, bready miracle.

Made with a base of yeasted dough, the most basic type of khachapuri called adjaruli is stuffed with two types of Georgian cheese: imeruli (like mozzarella in terms of flavor) and sulguni (similar to feta). After a brief stint in a very hot oven, the boat-shaped dough is topped with an egg, and cooked a few minutes longer to begin the poaching process. The egg remains mostly raw, however; it is not until right before serving, when the filling is mixed together, that the heat of the cheese cooks the egg through, resulting in a dreamy, super-soft scramble.

To learn more about the dish, the Eater team visited Oda House, a traditional Georgian restaurant in New York's East Village. Watch the video above for a look at making khachapuri from scratch.

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