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Watch This Hero Chef Transform Doughnuts Into Sushi

This man is one of the great minds of his generation

Doughnuts and sushi are two of life's great pleasures. The former makes for a sweet breakfast treat, and the latter can be a showcase of culinary precision in its highest form. Now, someone who surely will be honored with some sort of monument has combined the two. In this video, Miami chef Hiroyuki Terada transforms a selection of Dunkin' Donuts into a sushi roll.

After a some shameless promotion of Terada's restaurant, the action begins around the three-minute mark. The chef creates his concoction out of cream- and jelly-filled varieties, plus cruller, chocolate-glazed, and chocolate-cake selections. The whole thing comes together pretty easily, and Terada tops the roll with jelly and Bavarian cream. He says the resulting product tastes "pretty good."

This isn't Terada's first bizarre sushi adventure. He previously created a roll out of McDonald's breakfast, combining sausage, hot cakes, hash browns, and scrambled eggs. So, now there are breakfast rolls for Mickey D's and Dunkin' fans alike.