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This Customized Burger King Order Is Every Pickle Lover's Dream

Pickles on pickles on pickles

That's a lot of pickles.
That's a lot of pickles.
Photos via RocketNews24

Burger King is known for its "have it your way" catch phrase, and apparently one way to have it is with more than 700 pickle slices. That's what the intrepid reporters at RocketNews24 in Japan found out when they ordered a Whopper with $80 worth of extra pickles.

Burger King pickle burger

Incredibly, the order didn't really affect the Burger King location's pickle supply. "On the phone with the store's manager, we were told the retailer couldn't 'vouch for the flavor' but assured us they possessed pickles in abundance and could fulfill the order if we really, really wanted it," reads the harrowing report. "Which, of course, we did, because anything worth doing is worth overdoing to a ridiculous and dangerous extreme."

The pickle-heavy concoction was too large to eat in normal fashion, so the RocketNews staff had to break it down and share. The result: "So basically, one guy ended up just eating a regular Whopper and everyone else walked away with hundreds of pickles."