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Watch Gordon Ramsay Taste Girl Scout Cookies for the First Time

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He says they look like "dog biscuits"

Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to celebrate 15 years on Hell's Kitchen. Ramsay is proud of the cheftestants that make it to final eight or finale, and tells Kimmel that what separates a good cook from a great cook is "a level of vision and when to say 'stop'... and I teach them how to taste first before teaching them how to cook." Speaking of "taste," Kimmel discovers that Ramsay has never tasted Girl Scout cookies. He aims to fix this, and pulls out a tray of Girl Scout cookie boxes. Kimmel prefaces the taste test by explaining the importance of these cookies in terms of their place in American culture: "This is almost like sacred territory... there's the American flag, there's Willie Nelson, and then there's Girl Scout cookies." Ramsay seems unfazed when he takes a bite of a Tagalong, which he says looks like a "dog biscuit." He doesn't care for the coconut-flavored Samoas, which Kimmel also doesn't like much. But then Kimmel offers Ramsay a Thin Mint, the best Girl Scout cookie of all time. Watch the full clip, above, to see what one of the most popular chefs on television thinks of America's greatest Girl Scout cookie.

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