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Pancake-Flavored Kit Kats Are Proof of Japan's Easter Candy Superiority

Why can't America have pancake-flavored Kit Kats?


When it comes to innovations in food and beverage, Japan is arguably many years ahead of the United States. The relatively tiny nation of just 130 million people has more than its fair share of robot restaurants, not to mention My Little Pony-themed pop-ups, the wonder that is owl cafesfancy $6 bananasheart-eyes emoji pastriesMcDonald's tofu nuggets, and, most importantly, a plethora of inventive candy flavors from salted salmon to sake.

And despite the fact that only about one percent of the Japanese population is Christian, their Easter candy is far superior to what you'll find in America. Case in point: They've got pancake-flavored Kit Kats. That's right — a mashup of one of the finest candy bars to ever hit the market and the most superior of all the sweet breakfast foods known to man, all shoved into one little pastel-colored package.

Meanwhile, we're stuck with Peeps-flavored milk and carrot cake-flavored Hersheys Kisses that don't actually contain any carrot. Put that in your Easter basket and smoke it.