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Ethan Miller/Getty Images

There's never been much love lost between Gordon Ramsay and vegans: After all, the shouty English chef does own a plethora of steakhouses and a burger chain, and he's been vocal in the past about his distaste for people who don't eat meat. Clearly, "live and let live" is not a philosophy that the Hell's Kitchen star subscribes to.

But now, as Deadline News reports, the infamously outspoken chef has placed himself squarely back at the top of vegans' shit-list by by declaring he's allergic to them. The chef's offending tweet was handed down yesterday after a Twitter fan asked him if he had any food allergies. Peanuts,

The joke apparently resonated with Ramsay's followers (of which there are nearly 3 million), garnering a whopping 21,000 retweets. The vegan demographic, however, was less than pleased:

Realizing he had misspoken, the chef was quick to tweet a correction:

Real funny, chef. Maybe Ramsay's upcoming mobile game will feature him fighting an angry battalion of pleather-wearing vegans.

Ramsay may not have plans to open up a vegan restaurant anytime soon, but plenty of other companies are doing their best to cater to the meatless crowd: Ben & Jerry's just unveiled vegan ice cream made with almond milk, and iconic Irish beer Guinness recently revamped its brewing process to become 100 percent vegan.

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