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Only Rihanna and Drake Can Smoke Weed at This Toronto Restaurant

Special celebrity privileges strike again.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Celebrities are subject to all kinds of special privileges, from free designer clothes to star-studded award ceremonies to having burgers named after them. And apparently, some are even allowed to smoke pot in restaurants that otherwise would never allow it.

Last week Rihanna unveiled a new music video for her song "Work" that features Drake (of Drake on Cake fame) and was shot at a Caribbean restaurant in his hometown of Toronto called The Real Jerk. The video depicts a pretty epic party that includes twerking and blunt-smoking, but the gossip hounds at TMZ report that the restaurant's owner "want[s] to make it clear they have a zero tolerance policy for any illegal substances in the building."

Marijuana is only legal in Toronto for medicinal use, and neither Drake nor Rihanna were seen flashing a medical card in the "Work" video — but clearly exceptions are made for two of the world's hottest musicians filming a video that's bound to be watched by millions of people. The restaurant says it's seen a 20 percent surge in business since the video came out.

No word on what the pot-smoking policy is at Fring's, the recently opened Toronto restaurant from chef Susur Lee that Drake's involved with.

Behold the hazy, Red Stripe-swilling glory of the "Work" video, below: