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Watch This Beautiful Video on the Japanese Art of Kamaboko

It's a 700-year-old tradition.

Kamaboko is a traditional Japanese dish dating back to the 14th century. It's comprised mostly of pureed fish, which is formed into loaves and typically steamed, poached, or fried, and variations are often served at holiday meals to bring good luck. This stunning video shows off the process of creating Kamaboko at the Suzuhiro fish cake company, from the formation of the loaves by hand to the poaching of the final product. A narrator explains why Suzuhiro creates a superior product.

"Suzuhiro has a strong belief in using fresh fish, which are carefully cut by hand," the narrator explains. "This is the only way to make high-quality Kamaboko. Our artisans take care to make each and every Kamaboko perfect. This perfection is achieved through the hand-making process. We meticulously prepare fresh fish to ensure that none of its quality is lost."

Filmmaker Jeremy Valender says, "The process of forming the paste with a knife takes many years to master." Go, watch the video to see how it's done.