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Noma Alum Rosio Sanchez Is Expanding Her Copenhagen Taqueria

Another location is in the works.


Award-winning pastry chef Rosio Sanchez — formerly of Noma, which was ranked best restaurant in the world in 2014 — left her job there to open Hija de Sánchez in June 2015. With the support of Noma's chef René Redzepi, Sanchez developed the concept into a simple taqueria striving to serve authentic Mexican cuisine. And now, according to several social media posts, she's opening a second location sometime this March.

A recent tweet from Sanchez, in addition to a video posted on the Hija de Sánchez Instagram page, indicates that a second location for the taqueria is in the works for this coming March.

Sanchez — who grew up "in a Mexican household, eating Mexican food," as she wrote on the Hija de Sánchez website — imports dried corn for the taqueria's tortillas, plus dried chilies, from a cooperative in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Hija de Sánchez (which translates to "Sanchez's daughter") is currently closed and will reopen on April 1, according to social media posts. Sanchez has spent some time in Mexico, exploring cooking techniques.

The menu at Hija de Sanchez rotates daily and features a selection of tacos, beverages, and desserts. Eater has reached out to Sanchez and company for further details.