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Uniformed Police Officer Says He Was Denied Service at Krystal

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The fast food chain is reviewing surveillance footage.


A uniformed officer in Irondale, Alabama was reportedly denied service at a local fast-food Krystal restaurant, according to The officer, Pedro Urresta, apparently waited without service in the drive-thru before entering the restaurant, where employees walked away from him at the counter, a local TV station reported.

Urresta's wife, Brittany, described the incident in a post on Facebook, writing, in part: "It's a shame that police officers that protect and serve their communities are denied service," WBRC reported.

A Krystal spokesman told that the company is reviewing the surveillance video from the restaurant, and that the service the officer reportedly received was "unacceptable," and said other guests who were in the restaurant at the same time likewise received unacceptable service. So perhaps it wasn't because he was an officer, but because the employees were inept?

Irondale police chief, Ken Atkinson, told that he called the company and spoke with a customer service representative who apologized for what happened. The chief said the incident would not keep the department from doing its job. Eater has reached out to both Krystal and the Irondale Police Department for further information.

Krystal released a statement to the press:

"Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention. We already have begun looking into this and will take appropriate action immediately. Be assured what was described is NOT consistent with Krystal's values and training. We respect and appreciate all the uniformed men and women who protect and serve our communities as well as for our country."

Tensions between law enforcement and the public have escalated in recent months. Last September, a Waffle House in Kentucky refused service to an armed National Guardsman — apparently because of the company's rule on firearms. In Miami, also last fall, a cop was denied service at an Arby's restaurant "because [she was] a police officer."