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Wendy's Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Over Recent Credit Card Breach

The plaintiffs want a jury trial.

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Bad news for drive-thru burger fixture Wendy's: Following a large-scale credit card breach, the chain is now facing a class-action lawsuit in Florida. The Frosty slinger revealed last month that it had discovered unauthorized software intended to steal credit card data installed on computers that handle its payment processing; as many as 6,000 locations were thought to be affected.

Now, Courthouse News reports a class-action complaint has been filed in Orlando federal court alleging that the restaurant chain "employed inadequate safety measures and failed to quickly send notice to customers." The lead plaintiff says his debit card was hit with $600 in unauthorized charges as a result of the information breach. The lawsuit claims that Wendy's could have prevented the data theft, saying, "While many retailers, banks and card companies responded to recent breaches by adopting technology that helps make transactions more secure, Wendy's has acknowledged that it did not do so." Eater has reached out to Wendy's for comment.

Wendy's isn't the only big restaurant chain to have customer data stolen recently: Late last year Landry's, a restaurant group which owns a number of concepts including Rainforest Cafe and Morton's Steakhouse, confirmed its restaurants had fallen victim to a large-scale credit card breach that turned out to have spanned nearly two years. Other chains that have suffered similar fates in recent years include P.F. Chang's and Jimmy John's.

Check out the Wendy's lawsuit, below:

Wendy's Class Action Lawsuit