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Watch All of Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar Nods Come to Life in Latte Art

From Gilbert Grape to Jordan Belfort.

The 86th Annual Academy Awards go down this Sunday in Hollywood, and movie buffs the world around will be waiting to see if poor Leonardo DiCaprio finally snags that elusive Oscar. But even if Leo's heavily-bearded performance in The Revenant fails to nab him a coveted golden statuette, he'll still have bottle service and hordes of models to comfort himself with — oh, and a net worth of approximately $245 million (which is more than two-and-a-half times that of the next-wealthiest fellow nominee, Matt Damon).

Leo has in fact been nominated for/robbed of Best Actor a whopping four times (plus one for Best Supporting Actor) for a wide range of roles in films including What's Eating Gilbert Grape and the more recent Wolf of Wall Street. To illustrate this, Elite Daily enlisted the help of one talented barista to immortalize all of Leo's Oscar-nominated roles in latte art. Even if Academy voters snub him again this year, at least he'll have a starring role in someone's morning cappuccino.