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Disney's 'Star Wars Land' Will Include a Mos Eisley Cantina and an Unnamed Restaurant

Hurry up and wait to dine like Han Solo.

Disneyland's current Star Wars attraction in the midst of Tomorrowland
Disneyland's current Star Wars attraction in the midst of Tomorrowland
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Disney sent nerds everywhere into fits of ecstasy last summer when it announced it would build Star Wars-themed attractions at both Disney World and Disneyland. Now, per Disney Food Blog, concept art has been revealed for the future "Star Wars Lands" that appears to include two bar/restaurant concepts.

From the beginning it was known that each fourteen-acre "Star Wars Land" would include a Mos Eisley cantina, the dimly-lit watering hole on Tatooine featured in Episode IV. Then last night on a televised Disneyland 60th anniversary special, new concept art was revealed that depicts an as-of-yet-unnamed table-service restaurant. There was also mention of "an otherworldly street market" where visitors will be able to "actually [taste] the local delicacies."

Star Wars Cantina


Star Wars Restaurant


Star Wars Market


But one major question remains: A commenter on the official Disney Park blog asks, "Does this mean Disneyland will finally start serving alcohol? A cantina wouldn’t make much sense otherwise…"

The actual opening date of Star Wars Land is still a giant question mark, but in the meantime, there's plenty of Star Wars-themed novelty foods to be devoured at Disneyland: There diners can feast on everything from Darth Tamales and a Padawan Breakfast Plate to the Pastry Menace, an eclair made sinister with red and black icing and almond "horns."

Watch Harrison Ford introduce Star Wars Land, below: