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When will restaurant staff learn not to print insults on customers' receipts? According to KARK, Rebecca Rummerfield and her boyfriend were dining at a Sherwood, Arkansas-based restaurant called Casa Mexicana when they were presented with an offensive receipt.

Rummerfield claims she eats at the restaurant "about three times a week" and is well-known to the staff, so there shouldn't have been any need for a physical descriptor — but when she got the receipt, it read "X Gordo" (gordo being "fat" in Spanish) across the top along with the table number.

"It really hurt my feelings because I have a thyroid disease and I used to be extremely skinny," Rummerfield told KARK. She says the restaurant's manager tried to tell her she'd gotten the wrong person's tab by mistake, but when she went to speak to the bartender he confirmed that it was her tab, "and he did mean it in a derogatory fashion." The manager says he apologized to Rummerfield and fired the bartender, but she says she's unsure if she'll ever go back.

Casa Mexicana isn't the first restaurant to call out a customer's weight on a receipt: A Pizza Hut customer in Singapore picked up her order only to discover the words "pink fat lady" scrawled across her receipt. Meanwhile, a restaurant in Arizona upset a customer when it referred to her as "loca" (crazy) on her delivery order receipt. But none of these incidents are as bad as the numerous racial slurs that have been printed on restaurant receipts — and of course, sometimes the insults come not from the restaurant employees but from the diners.