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Doughnut Beer Is Here; Germany Bans K-Cups

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Five things to know today.

You'll soon be able to buy this cat doughnut on the streets of Paris.
You'll soon be able to buy this cat doughnut on the streets of Paris.

It's Monday, February 22. Andy Warhol, pop artist known for his series of iconic Campbell's soup can images, died on this day in 1987. Additionally, history books say that on this day in 1630 a Native American named Quadequina introduced English colonists to popcorn. Snacking has come a long way:

Other news to know: A new Kickstarter wants to give Parisians American-style doughnuts; all about a new doughnut beer; adventures in marketing at Wendy's; another strike against K-cups; and watch how to make the perfect steak at home.

— Doughmade is a new Kickstarter campaign that wants to bring American-style doughnuts to Paris. It's a doughnut shop on a bicycle, and it looks appropriately Brooklyn-y... which makes sense because the guy who's raising money for the project used to live in Brooklyn. The crazy thing is, he's almost reached his goal of raising $6,536.

— In other doughnut news, a doughnut shop in Louisville is making headlines for its new doughnut-infused beer. Louisville-based Hi-Five Doughnuts has created a brew called "Mmm…D’oh! Nuts." To create the beer, the bakeshop hired Homer Simpson dumped a dozen of its doughnuts and "a gallon of vanilla glaze... right into the mash of the beer." This added "an ooey gooey sweetness" to the brew, which sadly is only available locally.

— Eater's sister site Curbed relaunched today. Go look, it's pretty. Plus, check back for more on snazzy restaurant design as the week continues.

— Uh?

— K-cup sales are down in the U.S., and the product is plagued around the world by reports of its wastefulness and negative environmental impact. This week word is that the city of Hamburg, Germany, has banned the cups from state-run buildings. Up until this ban, one in eight coffees sold in the country was produced by a coffee pod.

— Finally, how not to fuck up a steak: