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What Would Harry Potter Eat? Watch a Sneak Peek of Universal Studios Hollywood's Wizard-Themed Menu

Butterbeer and bangers and mash await.

J.K. Rowling fanboys and girls, rejoice: Soon you'll be able to live it up like Harry and Hermione at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles. Officially opening at the theme park April 7 is the long-awaited Wizarding World of Harry Potter, bringing the insanely popular books and movies into three dimensions complete with a restaurant (Three Broomsticks) and a bar (Hog's Head Pub). CNN gets a sneak peek at the former's very English menu, which includes bangers, shepherd's pie, and fish and chips. (Check out the full menu over at Eater LA.)

Meanwhile at the slightly more adult-oriented pub, there's (non-alcoholic) Butterbeer, which tastes like a sweet butterscotch float, as well as harder stuff including mixed drinks and park-exclusive beers such as a Dragon's Scale lager. Just remember: Don't drink and fly.

For diehards who want to eat and drink like their favorite fictional characters, Universal Studios Hollywood is already home to a Simpsons-themed world where folks can dine at Krusty Burger and sip on Duff Beer.