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Eating Every Damn Taco at LA's Guisados

Everything's better wrapped in a tortilla.

Why choose one dish when you can have them all? Eat the Menu is back, and this week LA Senior Editor Farley Elliott is eating his way through the 15 best taco offerings at Guisados.

An essential spot for tacos in Los Angeles since it’s first opening in 2010, Guisados now boasts multiple locations across the city. Their traditional braises yield meat that’s fall-apart tender, their toppings range from classic (pickled red onions and chipotle crema) to funky (thai peppers and slow-cooked mushrooms), and their thick homemade corn tortillas hold everything together.

Watch for Elliott’s break down of the Guisados' menu, his take on their traditional Mexican cooking, and his picks for must-order items.

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