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Stolen Credit Card Is Declined at KFC, So Thief Grabs Cash Instead

This robber gets points for determination.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A determined thief with a never-give-up attitude is on the run after he grabbed cash from a register and ran out the door of a North Carolina KFC. Turns out, it was a case of "if first you don't succeed, try, try again." The criminal's brazen robbery came after he attempted to purchase food with a stolen credit card, which was declined, reports WNCN-TV.

The robbery went down on January 20 in Durham, and so far local police haven't progressed with any leads on a possible arrest. There's no word on whether the thief was armed or how much money was stolen, only that he took "a small amount of cash from a register and ran out of the store," according to the Durham Police Department.

While this burglar gets an "A" for effort, grabbing cash and making a break for it without so much as a "thank you" is quite rude. He could take a lesson from the nice bandits who broke into a football clubhouse in England. Sure, they cooked up some burgers, made off with 10 bottles of booze, and caused nearly $1,500 worth of damage, but at least they were kind enough to leave a note of gratitude.