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The Golden State Warriors Fight for the Right to Pre-Game Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Another victory for the NBA champs.

Celebrating the return of PB&J, no doubt
Celebrating the return of PB&J, no doubt
Elsa/Getty Images

With the exception of your former kindergarten classmates, you probably don't know another group of people that loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as much as the Golden State Warriors. According to The Wall Street Journal, the NBA team's training staff decided to eliminate unhealthy food from the team's private plane in an effort to keep the players in tip-top shape. While the team had no problem saying goodbye to sugar-filled snacks like cookies, candies and soda, there was one 86'd item that they refused to part with: PB&J. The defending national champs were so in love with the classic American treat that its ban caused the team to unite in a fight to keep their favorite pre-game snack.

The players didn't stand alone in the fight to bring back peanut butter and jelly: The Warriors' coaches, executives, and training staff are apparently also hooked on the nostalgic snack. A staple of the Warriors' daily diet, the beloved sandwich's ingredients were always found proudly displayed on their locker room training table, consisting of whole-wheat and 12-grain bread, jars of Skippy extra-crunchy and creamy peanut butter, and Smuckers strawberry jam. So, who dared to try to eliminate the meal from the Warrior's diet? It appears that the decision came from the team's new strength and conditioning staff. (Also on the forbidden list: pizza, cheese, and even Gatorade, which has been replaced with bottles of water seasoned with Himalayan rock salt.)

Even the team's general manager Bob Myers had something to say about the organization's love of PB&J, boldly stating, "It's my desert-island meal." But assistant coach Luke Walton was the leader of the pack when it came to lifting the ban on the sandwich, which had come to be considered a pre-game ritual. "You gotta fight for your rights. If you believe in something, you gotta fight for it," he said. And fight they did: Walton complained to everyone from performance coach Lachland Penfold to flight attendants until, finally, the PB&J station returned. Another glorious victory for the Golden State Warriors.