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Dos Equis Spokesperson Files the Most Interesting Countersuit in the World

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The face of the beer brand was first sued last October.

Jeff Gentner/Getty Images

When people sue him, they pay the damages. Or at least that's probably how Jonathan Goldsmith hopes the legal system works. Goldsmith, better known as famous Dos Equis spokesperson The Most Interesting Man in the World, has filed a countersuit against his former agent, reports Patch. Butch Klein originally sued the commercial star for breach of contract.

Goldsmith reportedly filed the countersuit against Klein and Gold Levin Talent on February 9 in Los Angeles Superior Court. He alleges Klein wrongfully disclosed the terms of a 2012 Dos Equis-Goldsmith contract, and that the agent was not involved in securing his job with the company. In the suit, Goldsmith takes Klein to the woodshed, calling him a "failed ‘C-list' actor who appears in ‘D' movies" and a "failed personal manager."

Gold Levin Talent originally sued Goldsmith in October, claiming it secured the job with Dos Equis for the actor. The agency believes it is entitled to 10 percent of Goldsmith's earnings from his contract with the beer company. The countersuit reportedly claims Goldsmith's wife Barbara Buky connected him with Dos Equis.

"Barbara found the opportunity, cultivated it, brought it in, negotiated the terms, and managed the business relationship," the filing reads. "Jonathan secured the deal through his demonstrated talent."

Goldsmith is The Most Interesting Man in the World, but really, this lawsuit isn't all that interesting. It's not nearly as entertaining as a lawsuit filed by Nespresso last month. Nespresso, who has hired actor George Clooney for an advertising campaign, takes a competitor to task for using a Clooney lookalike in its advertisements.