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Mark Von Holden/Getty Images

Renowned chef Ferran Adrià is scaling down his plans to build a kind of museum/laboratory in Cap de Creus, a natural park in Spain, after protesters organized a petition and gathered thousands of signatures to oppose the build. Adrià initially wanted to build the complex at that location, where his famed restaurant elBulli had operated since 1961, prior to its closure in 2011.

Back in August 2014, more than 50,000 people signed a petition to block Adrià's plans, saying that the area did "not need tourist attractions." Still, Adrià did not scrap the idea, instead saying he was willing to amend his plans to help reach an agreement with the town and be able to proceed with the project.

According to a translated article from The Independent, Adrià wanted to expand his former restaurant concept into a space for creative explorations of gastronomy. During a portion of its lifespan, elBulli held three Michelin, and Adrià is widely credited for his excellence at molecular gastronomy.

The protests and petitions surrounding the protected area of the natural park around the former elBulli have apparently convinced Adrià to downsize his initial plans. He has not been completely dissuaded from the project, however, and intends to move ahead with a smaller expansion of the elBulli space.