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Watch Adele Make Some Jamba Juice Employees Very Uncomfortable

An epic prank executed by the pop superstar and Ellen Degeneres.

Current reigning pop music queen Adele made headlines this week after technical difficulties during a Grammys performance drove her to In-N-Out for a little comfort food fix. But celebrities cannot survive on a diet of burgers and fries alone: Enter juice chain Jamba Juice, where — with the help of talk show host Ellen Degeneres — Adele recently pulled off a pretty amazing prank.

With Degeneres directing her via an earpiece, Adele entered the smoothie shop located on the Warner Brothers lot where Ellen films and proceeded to make a increasingly more ridiculous series of queries, comments, and declarations. The good-natured employees make every effort to accommodate the singer's requests, but you try fitting a large smoothie into a small cup.

Will Jamba Juice soon be flooded by Adele fans attempting to hack off their own tufts of wheatgrass? It's too soon to know whether the juice chain see any boosts in business like the Red Lobster "Beyoncé bounce," or whether the same effect will occur at In-N-Out Burger, where Adele drowned her woes after a disastrous sound situation during her recent Grammys performance.