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Denny's Marketing Stunt Peddles Bacon Scarves and Pancake Shirts

The chain launched a QVC-esque "Breakfast Stuff Network" to hawk the (free) merchandise.


Denny's, like just about every other restaurant chain in existence, is thirsty for millennials. The newest marketing stunt from the diner chain involved a mock-Home Shopping Network infomercial hawking assorted breakfast-related clothing and accessories available for the low, low cost of $0.00.

Those who caught the series of videos on Denny's YouTube channel could text in a product code in order to receive a website link where they could snag the gratis swag. Can you say free pancake hoodie? Most of the country can't, as the items flew off the virtual shelves. Everything from coffee-scented candles to skateboard decks covered in pancakes were on the menu, and the deals went fast. Only a sad series of red "All Gone!" symbols remained on the website less than an hour after the promotion began.

A handful of upset Twitter users expressed their sheer heartbreak at being unable to procure pancake shirts.

And this guy's needs were clearly not met:

According to a Denny's rep, around 1,000 items were initially available; the company plans to offer up another 1,000 items including coffee mugs, t-shirts, and the egg hoodie. Interested parties should keep tabs on the promotional website, as the items should be available sometime this afternoon.

Denny's isn't the only restaurant to attempt to turn its fans into walking billboards. Recently Pizza Hut displayed its thirst for millennial attention with this "Pizza Is Bae" sweatshirt, among other pizza-centric clothing items.

Watch Denny's bizarre spin on the Home Shopping Network complete with an anthropomorphized breakfast sausage for a host, below: