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Assembling the Ultimate Vegan Menu

No meat? No problem.

In the wide world of food porn, meat often takes center stage. But in Philadelphia, one restaurant without a single animal product in its kitchen is creating bold and flavorful dishes made to satisfy even the most carnivorous diners — and meat eaters are eating it up.

Lauded as one of 2016's 38 essential restaurants in America, Vedge opened five years ago under the leadership of a husband and wife team, chefs Richard Landau and Kate Jacoby. Critics have noted that the restaurant's success is owed in part to its effort to avoid being didactic; the food just happens to be vegetable-forward, and vegan at that — and when the dishes are good enough to speak for themselves, that fact hardly matters. Watch for a round-up of of some of Vedge's menu offerings, from wood roasted carrots to a New Orleans-style mud pie with bananas foster.

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