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Watch: This Beer Hot Tub Is Every Frat Guy's Dream

It's incredible this wasn't invented in America.

Crushing a few beers in a hot tub is the ultimate spring break past time, but what if you could crush said beers in a hot tub filled with beer? That would take partying with your bros to another plane of existence. If it sounds like a dream come true, pack your bags for Austria.

This video from Great Big Story highlights Starkenberg Brewery, which has transformed one of its fermenting vats into a warm beer pool for customers. One might wonder if hanging out in a tub of beer would be unhealthy, but Starkenberg's Andrea Stigger says it's actually nourishing.

"It's very good for your skin," Stigger says. "You get very fine, velvety skin. We recommend you not shower afterward because it can soak in and have a high nourishing factor."

Customers can even drink the beer if they's so inclined — "It's not poisonous, but it tastes bitter," Stigger says. Though considering the beverage is warm, bitter, and has grimy humans swimming around in it, why would anyone want to drink this beer?