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Apple Watch Users Can Now Order Domino's Pizza Right From Their Wrist

For those who are too lazy to pick up the phone.


Now ordering delivery from Domino's can be handled with a quick tap on your Apple Watch. The mass-market pizza giant announced Wednesday it has added its Easy Order service to Cupertino's smartwatch operating system.

Domino's claims to be the first pizza company in America to offer ordering via Apple watch, and it follows the UK launch of the app in January. To use the service, customers must have a regular East Order saved in their Domino's "Pizza Profile" — Pizza Profiles; what a time to be alive. Once an order is placed, it can be tracked from store to door with the company's GPS tracker.

The introduction of an Apple Watch app is Domino's latest move to sell pizza to the laziest people on the planet. In November, the company debuted a standalone device that allowed customers to place delivery orders with the push of a single button. And last May, Domino's became the first trailblazing brand to allow millennials to place orders by tweeting pizza emojis at the company's official Twitter account.