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This Sonic Location Slaps Bible Verses on Takeout Orders and People Are Pissed

The restaurant used to print them on receipts, but can no longer do so due to a machinery upgrade.


A Missouri Sonic is fighting the separation of church and food, one combo meal at a time. According to ABC 15, a Sonic in the town of Raymore has been attaching stickers with Bible verses printed on them to customers' food orders. Sonic spokesman Jason Acock recently stated that because many Sonics are franchise-owned, each store makes its own decisions. He explains, "We don't have a policy backing this. It's the decision by the franchisee that owns and operates that specific drive in." It's important to note the stickers don't come with every order, and employees have the option of using non-Bible related stickers if they so choose.

While some are defending the restaurant's religious views, others have taken to social media to protest the use of the stickers. One customer reportedly used a touch of humor in questioning the point of the stickers on Facebook: "Third time in two weeks I've gotten a Bible verse sticker but NOT gotten part of my family's order from Sonic off 58th in Raymore. Thanks for the sermon, where are my cheese sticks?"

Religion has been making its way into restaurant policy for quite some time. In 2013, a Chicago restaurant received serious backlash after Catholics claimed it was mocking their religion with its "Ghost burger" — which came topped with a communion wafer as a nod to Swedish rock band Ghost B.C. Another restaurant owner in North Carolina was inspired by her religious beliefs to put her faith in God and allow customers to name their own prices. But perhaps the most elaborate example of religion in the food world is Indiana's "religious freedom" law that allowed restaurants to refuse service to gay diners. After pressure from the LGBT community and other protestors, the law was quickly amended.