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French Restaurant Bans Finance Bros, Welcomes Dogs

The owner is furious after being denied a business loan.

Les Ecuries de Richelieu

Discrimination is alive and well at one restaurant in the Parisian suburbs, but in this case it's the privileged that are being turned away: An upscale restaurant called Les Ecuries de Richelieu has declared a ban on bankers, reports The Local. (Dogs are welcome, however.)

After the restaurant had its best year ever in 2015, 30-year-old owner Alexandre Callet applied for a loan of €70,000 (around $80,000) to facilitate opening a second restaurant, only to be turned down by multiple banks. The infuriated restaurateur has now displayed a blackboard sign outside the restaurant that reads, "Dogs welcome, bankers banned (unless they pay an entry fee of €70,000)."

Callet tells the Local that "the banks' treatment of him is reflective of the shameful way business owners are treated in France by banks unwilling to lend money to young business owners," noting that many restaurants have been forced to resort to crowdfunding.

Of course, the so-called ban may be more of a gesture than an actual policy: As The Local notes, "Callet says he has yet to turn away anyone on the grounds of being a banker," but it's safe to say Scrooge McDuck or anyone resembling him should probably find somewhere else to eat.

Callet isn't the only restaurateur with a distaste for big business types: A New Jersey pizza shop has officially barred presidential candidate Donald Trump from the premises following his disparaging remarks about Mexican immigrants.