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That Time Ronda Rousey Got Into a Fight With a Hooters Waitress

Rousey has a great sense of humor.

Last night American mixed martial artist, former UFC champion, Ronda Rousey stopped by the Tonight Show to chat with Jimmy Fallon. Apparently after losing a fight, Rousey went out to the Marine Corps Ball with a very lucky corporal. "It was good to get off the couch and not just be crying... eating ice cream all day," Rousey admits. For some reason after the ball Rousey's date took her to Hooters. Then she got into an argument with her server: "So this one Hooter's chick comes up to me, and she was like... oh we have fights here all the time, we love watching Ronda Rousey's fights all the time..." Knowing she was not recognized, Rousey said back (about herself), "Oh I hate her, she's the worst, she's such a bitch, I can't stand her." The Hooters' waitress got really defensive, and announced that Rousey was "the best" and that the waitresses "make a lot of tips every time she fights." So Rousey got into an argument with Rousey about Rousey. They eventually all had a good laugh about it and Rousey scored a plate of free wings. Fallon notes that Rousey is saving the whole Hooters business model.