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Watch These Disembodied Hands Prepare a Tiny Plate of Orange Chicken

A meal fit for a tiny king.

Orange chicken is a traditional Hunan dish, and these days it's a staple of Americanized Chinese restaurants. From coast to coast, take-out eateries prepare the glazed, fried chicken by the ton, satisfying this nation's appetite. That's all fine and good for hungry humans, but what about their Chinese-loving rodent counterparts? Thankfully, someone has come up with a miniaturized version of the dish.

This video shows two large hands preparing a meal that would certainly satisfy the tiny hamster. The faceless chef follows the same steps that would be employed to make a regular-sized batch of orange chicken, all the slicing, dicing, and sautéing — only everything is taken down to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids! size. The video then devolves into some sort of a Lego-based action scene.

It's not the first tiny plate of food these hands-without-a-body have created. Previous videos show how to cook tiny steaks, baked potatoes, and corndogs.

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