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'The Bachelor' Is Now Shilling for McDonald's All-Day Breakfast

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Yes, Ben took his date out for an Egg McMuffin.


Just in case anyone had forgotten that McDonald's now serves all-day breakfast, America's finest example of reality television just swooped in with a reminder. On last night's episode of The Bachelor, the man himself, Ben Higgins, took one of his remaining lady friends on a date to McDonald's in his hometown of Warsaw, Ind.

As SB Nation reports, Ben and Amanda took advantage of the all-day breakfast offerings and feasted on Egg McMuffins. Ben, the picture of healthy eating, also opted for an order of fries and an iced coffee. Presumably this was all free, as Ben is also currently starring in this supremely awful McDonald's commercial:

After some Lady and the Tramp-style fry action in a booth, the two got to work at the drive-thru, making sure guests knew they had the option of breakfast or dinner. But breakfast FOR dinner? Talk about the most romantic Bachelor date ever.

McDonald's launched its all-day breakfast menu last fall, just in time for this episode (which was filmed in October). While the novelty has probably since worn off for Ben and Amanda, McDonald's is still, er, lovin' it: The new menu offering has helped the chain increase sales for the first time in years, and now the company is even toying with the idea of all-day McGriddles.