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Watch: Why You Should Thank Thomas Jefferson for Macaroni and Cheese

Obama might be the cool President, but Jefferson was the foodie President.

Yesterday was President's Day, and besides mentally thanking George Washington for a day off work, you probably paid the government holiday little mind. But as you were Netflix and chill-ing with a glass of wine in hand, you should have been praising Thomas Jefferson: As this video from Great Big Story explains, Jefferson played a large role in bringing fine wine to America, not to mention ice cream and macaroni and cheese. After returning to the U.S. from time spent in France as an ambassador, he planted a vineyard and had a pasta machine shipped over, even serving mac and cheese at a state dinner.

Obama may be the first Prez to brew beer at the White House and usher in an era of hipster Chemex coffee to the Oval Office, but it seems Jefferson — besides also being author of the Declaration of Independence, and despite his other famous indiscretions — was the original foodie president.